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Identifying the Initial Indicators of Stomach Cancer by an Oncologist


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Oncologist Professor Alexander Siryakov said that pain in the upper abdomen and loss of appetite may indicate stomach cancer.

In an interview with the Izvestia newspaper, the professor notes that in most cases there are no early symptoms of stomach cancer. Therefore, the disease is often diagnosed late. But there are symptoms that should not be ignored.

Some stomach cancers have early symptoms, such as stomach bleeding, bloody vomiting and nausea, he says. Yes, these symptoms point to other serious diseases. Therefore, you should immediately consult a doctor.

And he says: “A person with tumor growth usually complains of rapid satiety, although he ate a small amount of food, loses weight and appetite, changes in taste occur.”

According to him, with stomach cancer, a person may complain of pain in the upper abdomen, as happens with a stomach ulcer. But with stomach cancer, the intensity of pain is less, but it lasts for a long time.

He says: “There are other characteristic symptoms, such as a feeling of difficulty in passing food through the esophagus, especially when eating solid foods such as meat.”

Source: Izvestia newspaper.

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