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Identifying US Weakness: Assad’s Perspective


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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad considered that the dollar is the weakness of the United States, since with the fall of the American currency, Washington is losing its humiliating position in the world.

In response to a question about whether the world is turning into a multipolar one, Assad told RT that the US besieging Chinese technology companies is a sign that they do not see themselves as absolute power.

President Assad pointed out that the US lobbies have begun to lose their absolute dominance over markets and politics, stressing that the most dangerous pole is economic and America’s biggest weakness is the dollar.

He said on this occasion: “When we talk about one pole, we must determine what kind of pole it is, political, military or economic. I think the most dangerous pole is the economic one, and the biggest weakness for America is the dollar. the dollar is removed from the pinnacle of economic hegemony, then the international balance will change and there will be a multipolar world, but if there is a multipolar world, political and military, with the dominant dollar, then the world will remain unipolar.

Source: RT

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