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ILLUMINATI Update Patch Notes – February 6, 2023


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A new update has been released for ILLUMINATI. You can find all the Game Update details below. ILLUMINATI is available for all platforms. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

New build available on BETA-WIP branch! Right-click the game’s page in your Steam library and select Properties, then go to the Updates tab—confirm you have Build ID 10485407, or launch the game and check the splash screen for Rev 1538.


  • When a rival attacked one of their Private Dossiers, the attacked group’s details (basic stats, Alignments, special abilities) were unavailable to other players. Now the Private Dossier list at the top of the Groups table shows any dossier while it’s under attack—it is auto-selected, showing its details. When we introduce Plots and special abilities which allow dossiers to be exposed and re-hidden, all of your rival’s exposed dossiers will appear here—or disappear, if once hidden. (Other players may not directly attack a rival’s exposed dossier, though failures to take over a group through a dossier will still make it Neutral.)
  • New ACTION token with label. Also, each group’s Power badges now glow when a group has an Action and dims when it doesn’t. (A few bugs in the dimming; will be consistent in the next build.)
  • +10 Plots now take into account all groups on whichever side of an attack they’re being played—instead of only being able to be played if they apply to an attack’s leader or target, they can also be applied if a group aiding an attack or defending the target have the correct Alignments or attributes. They can only be played during an attack.


  • Updated +10 Plots text to reflect new usage constraint to come: may play only during an attack.
  • Dossier-for-Plot newsfeed item reported unique_name not display name
  • Discordia’s +4 to control Weird not always respected
  • Paying for reorg with Illuminati Action doesn’t take Action
  • Cthulhu short-name typo correction.
  • Fix for “Player 257 has been eliminated” when the AI wins
  • Added input-mode controls to start of turn (during card deal), start move, and the end move / dice-roll sequences
  • New fix for “AI getting stuck when there are many(?) supporting moves”, with plus additional logging on AI stuck condition (for players on BETA-WIP branch)
  • Defensive Immunities weren’t honored in certain situations
 – Illuminati bonus should appear in attack planner as “[Illuminati_nickname] Ability”
 – Proximity Protection should be labeled “[Illuminati_nickname] Proximity”
 – Reorgs now announced in Newsfeed

ALSO: Tweaked many attributes—mostly to 1980s Groups, bringing them in line with their Illuminati: New World Order (1990s) equivalents:
• Added Tech to L-4 Society (1980s), Nuclear Power Companies (1980s), Post Office (1980s), and Primo Delivery (2020s).
• Added Huge & Coastal to California (1980s) and Texas (1980s).
• Added Church to TV Preachers (1980s).
• Added Magic to Cattle Mutilators (1980).
• Added Green to these 1980s Groups: Anti-Nuclear Activists, California, Health Food Stores, and Joggers; also, Crystal Healers (1990s).
• Removed Green from Antiwar Activists (1990s) and Autonomous Zones (2020s).
• Added Science to Nuclear Power Companies (1990s).
• Added the Corporate attribute to Fnord Motor Company (1980s) and Nuclear Power Companies (1980s).
• Removed the Corporate Alignment from Mainstream Media (2020s).

Net gain for the Network, slight reduction in bonus availability for the Gnomes—and more good targets for the Robot Sea Monsters. (Thanks, @Zardoz!)


  • Gnomes don’t always receive their special bonus.

Thanks again, @everyone. More soon.

—Derek Pearcy

Source: Steam

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