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imaginary quantity. How much food do Egyptians eat in the month of Ramadan?


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Ibrahim Ashmawi, First Assistant Minister of Supply and head of Egypt’s Internal Trade Development Authority, said the country accounts for 80% of the world’s global merchandise growth.

During a meeting with the program “Under My Responsibility”, broadcast on the satellite channel “Sada al-Balad”, Ashmawi said that Egypt is connected to the world market. oils are imported from abroad, and the state has assumed this increase on behalf of the citizen.

He added that the “Welcome to Ramadan” exhibitions are working very effectively, we have not received any complaints about them, and there is no objection to a citizen providing a strategic stock of goods at home, stressing that the volume of domestic trade is 2.3 trillion pounds; This is 22% of GDP.

The head of the Internal Trade Development Agency pointed out that Egypt spends £100 billion on food in the month of Ramadan; The volume of spending on food ranges from 10 to 12 billion pounds per month.

And he continued: “In Ramadan, some governorates do not eat rice, and in rice-intensive governorates, Egyptians consume a basket of 12 goods per month from 10 to 12 billion pounds. We spend about 60 billion pounds a month on all food and drinking a month £100 billion.

Source: Egyptian media.

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