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Immortals of Aveum: A Fantasy FPS Game Inspired by Call of Duty


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What if instead of a helicopter it was a dragon?

Since 2005, the Call of Duty franchise has been incredibly popular among first-person shooter (FPS) fans. It all started when the developers at Infinity Ward left Electronic Arts (the then-publisher of Medal of Honor) and decided to create their own game. This paved the way for the success of Call of Duty. Now, a similar story is unfolding with Ascendant Studio, founded by Bret Robbins. As a former creative director on Call of Duty, Robbins wanted to create a FPS game set in a fantastical universe.

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And so, he left and founded Ascendant. Their first game, Immortals of Aveum, was released on August 22 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series. Interestingly, it was published by none other than Electronic Arts, completing the cycle. But the question remains: can Immortals of Aveum live up to the legacy of the game that inspired it?

A Surprisingly Tangible Influence

It’s surprising, but Immortals of Aveum (IoA) successfully merges the qualities of Call of Duty with a fantasy setting, creating a truly AAA gaming experience. IoA places a strong emphasis on storytelling, providing a solid foundation for its game world. The story itself, while not revolutionary, serves as a compelling backdrop to the action: two warring kingdoms battling for control of magic and our hero, Jak, joining the army to fulfill his best friend’s dream. Soon, Jak finds himself on a mission of much greater significance than simple battlefield skirmishes.

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