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Impact of Inflation on UK Education Sector Exposed by The Guardian


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A study by the British National Education Union (NEU) found that one in three UK teachers aged 29 and under are skipping lunch to cope with the rising cost of living.

And The Guardian reported that these teachers are rationing their food expenses and skipping lunch because the wages they receive are not enough to keep up with the high cost of living, while other teachers are looking for extra work outside of the teaching profession.

The newspaper, citing the British National Education Union, which conducted a study of 8,000 public school teachers, stated that 34% of teachers aged 29 and under were forced to skip lunches to “make ends meet”, and one in five teachers received a second job.

The study found that 10% of young teachers plan to leave education within two years due to heavy workload and low wages.

In this regard, the members of the British National Education Union (NEU) rejected the previously proposed wage increase plan by the British authorities and called for new strikes between April 27 and May 12.

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