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in "aviasalis" Tell us where it is more profitable to fly in February


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Moscow, February 2 – In February, it is more profitable for Russians to fly to Abu Dhabi (UAE) and in the same month to buy tickets to Turkey and Egypt for the spring, on average, they will be almost 2 times cheaper than last year, according to a study by a ticket booking service Aviasales.
The service analyzed how prices for popular foreign destinations changed during the year, and told us when it is more profitable to book flights. “In February, it is profitable to fly to Abu Dhabi (UAE). It is profitable to take tickets to the emirate with departure in winter at least two weeks before the flight. Flights from Moscow to Abu Dhabi with transfers for February holidays can Find it from 12 thousand rubles.
“If you book a trip for the spring now, it is profitable to fly to Turkey (11,000 rubles with a transfer and 15,000 with a direct flight), Egypt (18,000 rubles without a stop), the Maldives (39,000 rubles with a transfer), Thailand. (40 thousand with a transfer ), and for comparison, a year ago, the average check for these destinations in the spring was 30 thousand rubles to Turkey, 26 thousand to Egypt, 58 thousand to the Maldives and 50 thousand to Thailand ».

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Analysts emphasized that long-distance travelers can indeed find profitable destinations for the summer and fall, but it is best to book them as early as possible. So, tickets to Montenegro for these periods start from 35 thousand rubles with a transfer, to Georgia – from 17 thousand with a transfer, the Seychelles – from 29 thousand with a transfer and 42 thousand – with direct flights, as well as to Sri Lanka – from 35 thousand with a transfer and 49 thousand for direct flights.
Service experts recommend that tourists who have not yet decided on their plans choose return trips. “They are usually more expensive than non-refundable ones, but they offer planning flexibility. At the same time, read the return conditions carefully – they vary from airline to airline and may include a discount of part of the ticket price,” Aviasales explains.
And speaking of travel cancellation insurance, the service made it clear that it may not be suitable for everyone. The experts concluded that “travel cancellations due to injury or visa refusal are usually covered by insurance, provided all required documents are submitted to the consulate on time.”

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