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In Engels, they say goodbye to the military who died in a drone attack


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Saratov, December 29 – The press service of the Intercession Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church reported that the farewell of the three Russian soldiers who were killed in the attack by a Ukrainian drone on the Engels airport took place on Wednesday in the Saratov region.
Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that at around 01.35 Moscow time on December 26, the air defense systems of the Russian Aerospace Forces shot down a low-altitude Ukrainian drone as it approached the Engels military airfield. As a result of falling debris, three Russian servicemen from the technical staff were killed, and the aircraft equipment was not damaged. Governor Roman Busargin expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and said that they will be provided with all necessary assistance.
“Archbishop Pakhomi performed the funeral service for the technical staff of the Engels Air Force Base. The funeral service was held in the church in the name of the Prophet Elijah in Letnoy Gorodok on December 28. Earlier, a civil memorial service was held in the eternal flame.

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It was determined that Roman Busargin, head of the Engels district Dmitry Plekhanov, commander of the 22nd Guards Heavy Bomber Division of the Red Donbass Brigade Nikolai Varpakhovich, commander of the 121st Guards Heavy Aviation Regiment Oleg Sketsky, and relatives, colleagues and friends of the victims take part in the farewell ceremony. After the speech of the head of the district and the commanders, the memory of the dead was honored with a minute of silence, the military guard saluted with three volleys of spent cartridges.
“There are moments when there is practically nothing to say, when memory must be honored with prayer and silence. The death of a loved one is always pain and loss, but there is eternal life. Our soldiers have done their duty, and they are literally heroes – simple Russian men who carried their service to the Motherland and met death Eternal memory to them … I believe: having paid off their debt to the Motherland, our men have become warriors of the King of Heaven, our prayer books and defenders are already before God, ”the press service quoted the words of the bishop.
Vladyka expressed his condolences to the families and friends of the victims. The message says: “Eternal memory of the fallen soldiers, Andrei, Maxim, Alexander.”

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