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In Germany, the presenter apologized for the words about Soviet soldiers


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Moscow, January 29 – Welt presenter Franka Lehfeldt has apologized Twitter After the Red Army was confused with the German left-wing radical organization the Red Army (RAF) in a news broadcast.
Leveldt wrote: “I misunderstood during release. Clauses like this are unacceptable on air, but they do happen. People make mistakes. My mistake was followed by a disproportionate wave of schadenfreude and especially sexism”.
On Friday, she said on the air that the Auschwitz death camp (Auschwitz) had been liberated by the “Red Army Faction.” The journalist’s slip of the tongue caused a wave of indignation in Germany. She was accused of unprofessionalism and poor outlook.

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Members of the Royal Air Force killed and kidnapped people, bombed and robbed banks in Germany in the late 1970s.
The International Holocaust Remembrance Day is celebrated on January 27th. On this day in 1945, the Red Army liberated the Auschwitz death camp. Auschwitz-Birkenau was the largest Nazi death camp, so it became one of the main symbols of the Holocaust. About 1.4 million people, of whom about 1.1 million were Jews, died at Auschwitz in 1941-1945. In 1947, a museum was established on the site of the former Nazi concentration camp. In 1979 it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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