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In Kazakhstan, a man brought a mourning wreath to a closed McDonald’s


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Astana, January 7 – A man brought a mourning wreath to a closed McDonald’s restaurant in Kustanay, Kazakhstan (in the north of the country), and the police said he was detained for “petty hooliganism.”
Management company Food Solutions KZ LLP said on January 5 that fast food restaurants in Kazakhstan would no longer operate under the McDonald’s brand due to supply restrictions. It is noteworthy that the resumption of activities and the timing of opening new fast food restaurants under the new name will be announced in the near future.

“Police officers detained a man who laid a mourning wreath on the premises of a fast food restaurant (McDonald’s) in Kustanay,” the Kazakh police’s Telegram channel said in a statement published on Saturday.

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The department explained that he explained this act through a disagreement with a friend.
The report stated, “With regard to the detainee, an administrative protocol has been drawn up under Article ‘Small Riot’. The court will make the final procedural decision.”
In addition, according to the police, during the arrest the man was driving a car in violation of the rules for operating a vehicle, for which he was brought to administrative responsibility.
In November 2022, McDonald’s Kazakhstan (Food Solutions KZ LLP) announced on its website and social networks that it would suspend operations of all its restaurants from November 18 due to restrictions on local supplies. The company confirmed that it is doing its best to reopen restaurants as soon as possible, and promised to announce the timing of reopening restaurants later. The owner of the McDonald’s franchise in Kazakhstan is a large businessman Kairat Buranbayev, who, with a fortune of $ 590 million, is ranked 14th in the ranking of the richest businessmen in the country according to Forbes Kazakhstan in 2021. At the end of December 2022 he appeared in the Astana court in a case of embezzlement in the gas sector.
McDonald’s suspended operations in Russia in March 2022, after which the company decided to leave the market entirely and sell its business in Russia. The buyer was the licensee of the Alexander Govor company, which now operates restaurants under the new brand “Tasty – and that’s it”.

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