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In Light of Rising Antitrust Concerns, The United States Department of Justice is Stepping up its Investigation of Apple


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According to The Wall Street Journal, the American Department of Justice has recently intensified its investigation into Apple’s antitrust practices. According to the article, more demands for documents and talks with companies involved in the probe have been made, and more litigators have been assigned to the case.

Apple has Been Served With Subpoenas From The U.S. House Judiciary Committee Seeking Information About Allegations of Free Speech Suppressio n_

According to the source, the Justice Department is reportedly looking into Apple’s App Store business methods and whether iOS promotes Apple’s apps and services over those offered by other companies and third-party developers.

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Despite having previously refuted accusations of anticompetitive behavior and stated that it encourages competition on the App Store, Apple declined to comment on the report.

When the Justice Department met with developers to learn more about the App Store’s review procedure and enquired about Apple’s regulations regarding the App Store in 2019, the inquiry got underway. Apple will be subject to an antitrust lawsuit by the US government if the Justice Department decides to proceed with a complaint.

Over the past few years, Apple has been accused of engaging in anticompetitive behavior in numerous other nations, including the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea, Japan, and more, with numerous allegations relating to the App Store. As a result, Apple was compelled to update the App Store in some nations. For instance, South Korean developers can now offer alternate payment methods.

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