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In March of last year, Iraq saw a decrease in inflation rate of (0.7%).


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The Iraqi Ministry of Planning announced that the index section of the Central Statistical Organization recorded a decline in monthly inflation in March compared to the previous month in February.

“The inflation rate decreased by (0.7%) in the month of March, and the annual inflation rate increased by (5.3%) in March this year compared to the same month in 2022,” a ministry spokesman said. Abdel Zahra al-Hindawi.

He added that “the decrease in inflation was due to a decrease in prices for a number of commodity groups, as the housing section decreased by (4.1%), as a result of a decrease in the water supply and electricity group by (24.4%), the fuel group by ( 1.6%), and the housing maintenance complex decreased by (1.6%), (0.1%)”.

Al-Hindawi pointed out that “the transport department also decreased by (1.3%), while the communications department decreased by (0.3%) and the entertainment and culture department recorded a decrease by (0.5%)”.

Source: RT

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