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In Primorye, a case was opened after a zoo visitor was attacked by a lion


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Vladivostok, January 24 – Investigators have opened a criminal case after a drunk visitor to the zoo in Primorye climbed the barrier of a lion’s enclosure and was hit by the beast, Sosk regional reported on Tuesday.
The day before, according to the management of the Chudesny Zoo in the village of Borisovka, a drunk visitor climbed into the lion’s enclosure. The incident was captured by a surveillance camera, and the footage showed that a woman approaching the fence surrounding the cage, a meter away from the cage there is a sign “Do not go beyond the fence”, climbs over it and falls. The lion holds her hand through the bars of the fence. According to the Ministry of Health of Primorye, the victim was taken to hospital in serious condition, but the situation has now stabilized.
“A criminal case was initiated on the basis of an offense under Part 1 of Article 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (providing services that do not meet safety requirements). An inspection is carried out at the scene of the accident, witnesses are being questioned.

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According to the investigation, the 37-year-old injured woman was drunk. As a result, she sustained injuries to her arms, legs, and torso.

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