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In Russia, they are making equipment that makes a fighter invisible to thermal imagers


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Moscow, February 6 – A camouflage set is being created that will make the fighter invisible to thermal imagers and, by changing color, will allow him, like a chameleon, to blend in with the terrain, said Vladimir Kormushin, General Director of CJSC “Kirasa”. In an interview with the News Agency. Enterprise developer of this disguise.
Kormushin explained that we are not talking about jamming or electronic warfare systems that can be attached to a soldier – the effect of “invisibility” is achieved thanks to special fabrics with special dyes. “The ideal is to make such clothes so that the fighter is not visible against the changing external background. Evening – not visible, morning – not visible, the sun – not visible, invisible in the field and in the forest. Disguise should change itself, like a chameleon, “- he said agency source.

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The general manager of the company indicated that these developments could be provided by the institution as part of the research work to equip the future soldier “Legionnaire”.
CJSC “Kirasa” is one of the leading domestic developers and manufacturers of personal body armor and personal combat equipment for the Ministry of Defense, the FSB and other law enforcement agencies of Russia. Among the developments of the project were helmets, goggles, bulletproof vests, combat protective kits 6B49, which formed the basis of the equipment of the future soldier “Warrior”, as well as the winter camouflage kit 6Sh119. Over the past ten years, more than 25 thousand of these unmanned vehicles and about 120 thousand 6Sh119 have been shipped to the Russian army.

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