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In the Amur region, the movement of trains has returned after the derailment of freight cars


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Blagoveshchensk, January 19 – Traffic was restored on the Djiktanda – Taldan section of the Trans-Baikal railway in the Skovorodinsky district of the Amur region, on which more than 20 wagons of the freight train were restored, along one track, the press service of ZabZhD reported.
According to the updated data, 23 carriages of the freight train derailed. The route has been temporarily suspended.
On January 18 at 22:40 (Moscow time), the movement of trains along a single track of the Dzhiktanda – Taldan stretch of the Trans-Baikal railway (region Skovorodinsky in the Amur region), which was cut off earlier as a result of the derailment of the wagons of the freight train, ”the message says.

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Delayed as a result of derailments, passenger trains No. 1 on the Vladivostok-Moscow line, No. 2 on the Moscow-Vladivostok line, No. 392 on the Chita-Blagoveshchensk line, No. 318 on the Nizhny Pestakh-Blagoveshchensk line, No. 62 on the Moscow-Vladivostok line, No. 81 On the Blagoveshchensk-Tynda line, messages No. 7 Vladivostok – Novosibirsk were sent along the routes. Russian Railways is taking measures to put it on the schedule as soon as possible.
There were no injuries and there is no threat to environmental safety. More than 330 line workers and resuscitation trains from Skovorodino, Magdagachi and Shimanovskaya stations, including cranes, traction equipment, cars and technological equipment, took part in the aftermath of the accident. The work is carried out in difficult climatic conditions – the wind and air temperature drop to minus 46 degrees at night.
In connection with the accident on January 18, suburban trains between Skovorodino and Magdagachi were cancelled. In order to reduce the delay time for long-distance passenger trains, an interchange of trains No. 326 Neryungri – Khabarovsk and No. 325 Khabarovsk – Neryungri has been organized. Passengers were bussed between the train stopping points (Angarish and Teldan stations) to continue the rail travel.
Passengers on long-distance trains with long delays were provided with extra meals. Comfortable temperature conditions were maintained in the carriages.

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