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In the United States described the most serious military threat to the country


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Moscow, January 2 – Retired US Air Force officer Christian Orr, in an article for 19FortyFive, called the electromagnetic strike on the United States the country’s most serious military threat.
The author of the article complained: “A successful electromagnetic network strike on the United States would be a catastrophe that cannot be measured or understood. In fact, it would mean the end of the world, but the Biden administration is doing nothing about it.”
The electromagnetic pulse caused by the explosion of a thermonuclear weapon in the atmosphere, according to the author, is capable of destroying or damaging the power grid and any electronic devices, such as computers and radios.

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The officer criticized the current US President, Joe Biden, for not doing anything to protect America from the threat of an electromagnetic strike, especially when countries such as Iran, Russia and China have the ability to launch an electromagnetic strike on the United States as part of their military plans. .
As Orr pointed out, previous administrations under Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama passed various laws to provide protection against such a threat, but mainly against electromagnetic pulses caused by natural phenomena, such as solar storms.

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