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In the United States, the senator was very besieged, demanding the F-16 from Ukraine


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Moscow, February 4 – Fox News host Tucker Carlson has criticized US Senator Lindsey Graham for asking the Pentagon to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine.
The journalist called Graham the most “aggressive” “liberal Republican” in the US Senate, who considers the borders of Ukraine more important than the borders of the United States.
Carlson warned that “equipping the Ukrainian army with F-16 fighters would mean America’s direct involvement in the conflict against nuclear-armed Russia.” He said this was a “direct and possibly very short path” to a nuclear exchange.

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“This is madness, real madness. But it’s also a statement of Lindsey Graham’s position. He’s a totally convinced neo-conservative,” he said.
According to the journalist, Graham is only interested in neocon politics and “nothing else”, while he has no children, and “doesn’t care about the future.”
Earlier, the media reported that some representatives of the US administration are lobbying for the transfer of F-16 fighter jets to the Ukrainian army. US President Joe Biden previously answered “no” to a question from journalists if the F-16s would be delivered to the Ukrainian military. At the same time, on Monday, French leader Emmanuel Macron did not rule out the possibility of delivering planes to Ukraine. The media also wrote that Paris is considering Kyiv’s request to train Ukrainian pilots.
Russia has previously sent a memorandum to all countries, including the United States, over the supply of weapons to Ukraine. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov indicated that any shipment containing weapons to Ukraine would become a legitimate target for Russia. The State Department said NATO countries were “playing with fire” by supplying weapons to Ukraine. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov indicated that pumping Ukraine with weapons from the West does not contribute to the success of the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations and will have a negative impact.

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