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Including Arab lands… countries out of danger of devastating disasters


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In recent years, the world has become more vulnerable to various natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and droughts. Is there a safe place on earth that such devastating natural disasters do not reach?

Of course, there is no ideal place on the planet where such risks would completely disappear, but there are countries where the risks of natural disasters are classified as very low or non-existent.

In this report, we look at examples of “happy” countries that have reduced risks and removed the ghost of their disasters and tragedies. Perhaps its inhabitants would not panic and seek salvation if a natural disaster happened nearby.


Seismologists confirm that the capital of Russia, Moscow and the Northern Urals are among the safest places during earthquakes and aftershocks.

Experts say there have been many tremors in Moscow over the past hundred years, but the region has not been affected, indicating that there are no geological formations in Moscow that could cause an earthquake, like in Turkey.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is rarely affected by earthquakes or any dangerous weather conditions such as flash floods or dust storms. In fact, the Kingdom is vulnerable to some natural disasters, especially earthquakes and volcanic hazards.

As you know, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the world and has a developed infrastructure, so even in the event of natural disasters, its citizens will remain relatively safe.

United Arab Emirates:

The UAE is a very safe country apart from the occasional risk of sandstorms that are common in desert countries.

No earthquakes, no deadly storms, no volcanic eruptions have been recorded in this country, moreover, the UAE is a rich country with a solid infrastructure.

The only problem that the United Arab Emirates traditionally faces is high temperatures, which make it very hot in summer and most of the months.


Many sources and studies indicate that Qatar is the safest country in terms of natural disasters. Due to its location in the Persian Gulf, Qatar is protected from tropical cyclones.

In addition, in this rich country there are no earthquakes or volcanic eruptions at all, since it is far from the fault lines. At the same time, most of its terrain consists of arid plains and sand dunes. There are no forests in this country, and therefore there is no danger of forest fires.


Surprisingly, the Caribbean country is one of the least prone to natural disasters. Although many other Caribbean islands are regularly hit by hurricanes, Barbados is always safe. This country has never had any earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, and the humid tropical climate prevents forest fires.

In addition, Barbados, with its beautiful ocean coastline, is a peaceful and safe place to live. The only danger threatening this country is small landslides caused by heavy rains.


Cambodia, located in Southeast Asia, is one of the countries with the lowest natural disaster risk. Although Cambodia borders the sea, there is no history of tsunamis in this country at all.

In addition, no earthquakes have been recorded in Cambodia, strong storms are not uncommon there, and there are almost never droughts.

Over the past few years, some provinces have recorded only a few cases of flooding, which lasted for a short period of time.

This country has only two seasons a year, the dry season and the rainy season, each lasting six months. The weather in Cambodia is usually hot, and in January there is only one week of cold weather.


This archipelago country is located in the Mediterranean Sea, south of the island of Sicily. Although the island of Malta is located near the fault line of the European Plate, it is nevertheless very safe.

Over the past five centuries, only 7 earthquakes have occurred in Malta, and, like the rest of the Mediterranean, this country does not suffer from hurricanes at all. It is recorded that the last time Malta witnessed a major hurricane was in 1550.

Source: RT

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