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India incorporates indigenous materials in the construction of its latest naval vessels.


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Indian media have announced that the country has started production of new multi-purpose warships for the army.

And according to the military administration of India, “a ceremony was recently held at the L&T shipyard in Katupalli to mark the start of production of two new MPV-class multi-purpose warships, and a number of military dignitaries, high-ranking officials and representatives of the manufacturer attended the ceremony.”

Indian media have indicated that the above two ships will be the first two new generation MPVs that L&T will manufacture for the Indian army, and they will be completely made from Indian components, which will give impetus to Indian companies.

Each of the new ships will be 107 meters long, 18.6 meters wide, and have a displacement of 3,750 tons. They will also be able to carry a crew of 116, move at a speed of 15 knots, and cover 4,500 nautical miles. permission.

These ships will receive modern radar and sonar systems, satellite communication systems, electronic warfare systems, 30-mm automatic cannons, 12.7-mm machine guns, VSHORAD anti-aircraft missile systems, and 533-mm torpedo systems.

Source: Weapons of Russia

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