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India Plans to Launch Manned Submarine for Deep Sea Exploration in 2024


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India Plans to Launch Manned Submarine for Deep Sea Exploration

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India, after achieving a successful moon flight, is now setting its sights on exploring the depths of the sea. Deputy Minister of Earth Sciences, Dr. M. Raychandran, announced that tests for a “manned” submarine will be conducted early next year.

Deep Sea Mission

The Indian mission, named Samudrayan (meaning “ship of the sea” in Sanskrit), is preparing for its first tests at a depth of 500 meters in the first quarter of 2024. If these sea trials prove successful, the submarine will further dive to a habitable depth of 6 kilometers.

The Matsya 6000 Submarine

The manned submarine, aptly named Matsya 6000 (meaning “fish” in Sanskrit), will be deployed in the Bay of Bengal near Chennai. It is a spherical vessel with a diameter of 2.1 meters, constructed from a sturdy 80 mm thick titanium alloy. The submarine is designed to withstand water pressure of up to 600 bar at a depth of 6 kilometers. It can accommodate three researchers and has an operational capacity of 12-16 hours, with oxygen supply lasting for 96 hours.

Objectives of the Maritime Mission

One of the primary objectives of the submarine expedition is to explore the sea floor for mineral resources. The team of researchers aboard the submarine will conduct thorough investigations in search of valuable minerals.


India’s ambitious plan to launch a manned submarine for deep sea exploration marks another significant milestone in its scientific endeavors. With advanced technology and a talented team of researchers, India aims to unlock the mysteries hidden beneath the ocean’s surface.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

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