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India Welcomes Advanced Military Anti-Submarine Ship


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The Hindu newspaper reported that India received a new military anti-submarine ship into the waters.

And a newspaper article said: “The Indian Shipyard (GRSE) recently landed a new ASW SWC type anti-submarine ship designed for the Indian army. In total, the Indian Navy plans to acquire 16 ships of this type, half of which will be produced in the basin (GRSE).” The other half will be developed at the Cochin Shipyard.

The first SWC anti-submarine ship in the basin (GRSE) India began to manufacture in August 2021, and launched in December 2022, it is expected to be handed over to the army this year. As for the second ship, which was recently launched, work on its production began in December 2021.

Each of the new ASW SWC vessels is 77.6 m long, 10.5 m wide and has a displacement of 900 tons. These vessels can travel at a speed of 25 knots and cover 1,800 nautical miles per voyage.

These ships are armed with RBU-6000 missile and bomb mounts, 324 mm torpedoes, anti-sea mines, 30 mm cannons, 12.7 mm machine guns, OFT M2 remotely controlled combat systems.

Source: Weapons of Russia

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