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Indian tokens WRX and ECOIN are dominating Twitter but questions remain


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Data collected from Utradea’s social media financial sentiment API shows that ECOIN has gathered the most positive interest on Twitter over the past 24 hours.

Social media analytics data shows that tweets related to ECOIN amassed more than 102 million impressions, 171 million retweets and 106 million likes. Moreover, this bar also saw more than 49,000 posts posted over the past 24 hours.

WRX — the token of Indian cryptocurrency exchange Wazirx — has been closely following over 40 million impressions, nearly 13.5 million likes and retweets and 38,766 shares in the last 24 hours alone.

Both Ethereum (ETH) tokens — the only token out of the 10 to show bullish sentiment on Twitter over the past 24 hours — were left in the dust with just 58 million impressions, 3.4 million likes, and 2.8 million retweets, And 17,500 posts.

Crypto Analytics chart of the ten cryptocurrency indicators with the highest sentiment on Twitter over the past 24 hours

The data shows multiple signs of artificial manipulation. First of all, ECOIN and XRP have more likes and retweets than impressions. Impressions are counted each time a tweet is viewed, regardless of whether or not the user interacts with the content.

Twitter also clearly States That a single user might count multiple impressions by viewing a tweet multiple times and even the author of the tweet counting, makes these numbers unexplainable.

Impressions are not counted for older Tweets, so although it is unlikely that a disproportionate number of interactions with older Tweets could theoretically explain this discrepancy. A more plausible explanation is that ECOIN and XRP tweets see a disproportionate number of bots interacting with and sharing posts — quite possibly in a way that doesn’t count towards the impressions.

As explained in a recent analysis, “artificially increasing engagement numbers by that much would be significantly more complex from a computing and bandwidth perspective if bots had to load all of the content, so these systems may end up not making an impression based on how they are computed.” .

Another hint that Twitter activity is really abnormal is the average age and sentiment of the accounts that interact with ECOIN tweets.

ECOIN accounts have an average lifespan of just 706 days, which is well below the average of other altcoins and only close to the second anomalous entry which is the lunaverse (LUV), with an average account life of 874 days.

Another highly suspect data point is ECOIN’s sentiment score of 52.5 — more than 38.5% higher than the second-highest sentiment score of 32.28 reported by WRX.

Such elevated sentiment compared to the rest of the market, combined with unreasonable numbers of likes, retweets, impressions, and liveliness for average account age, suggests that this activity is unlikely to be driven by spontaneous human attention rather than coordinated bot activity.

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