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Indica: A Unique and Meaningful Third-Person Adventure Game Coming to Consoles in 2023


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The 11 bit studios offer us Indica for consoles not yet specified.

The Press Release:

In INDICA, players step into the habit of the nun of the same name and embark on an immersive journey in which they must explore the duality of good and evil and learn that nothing is absolute. At the core is INDICA, a third-person adventure that combines exploration, environmental puzzles, and a dash of platforming. However, the themes of sin, sorrow, and moral dilemmas run deep in INDICA‘s story, so that the game goes beyond traditional gaming and becomes more like an arthouse movie that challenges social norms rather than just providing superficial entertainment.

The collaboration between Odd Meter and 11 bit began long before Russia launched its unwarranted invasion of Ukraine. The terrible events placed both the studio and the publisher in a difficult situation with an uncertain outcome.

“Even before our homeland entered the war, we found ourselves walking a tightrope with issues that could lead to persecution in Russia. After February 24, everything became even more complicated when the stay in Russia became both physically terrifying and, more importantly, morally difficult, and we decided to leave the country,” says Dmitry Svetlov, Game director and founder of Odd Meter. “It is now clearer than ever how relevant the topics we cover in our game are. Many of the problems of modern Russia have their roots in the sociopolitical infantilism that has been instilled in the people for centuries: humility, obedience and patience are the main virtues that our Orthodox culture has imposed on us. So it is not surprising that institutions such as the Russian Orthodox Church have recently become prime propaganda weapons, calling on believers to die for their homeland and preaching a monstrous indifference towards their own lives and those of other people.”

With this in mind, the entire 16-member Odd Meter team started a new life in Kazakhstan.

“This inhumane war shows that our ideal of a free, civilized world is still fragile and that the lives of many people unfortunately still depend on military whims. “We knew at 11 bit that we could not make our collaboration with Odd Meter dependent on the country where the studio came from,” says Rufus Kubica, Product Management Lead at 11 bit studios. “When the team decided to leave Russia, we gave them all the time they needed to get their personal and professional lives back on track. The deadlines were pushed back, and we also had to put a lot of work into the paperwork. But most importantly, we haven’t interfered with the game’s content, core theme, or story, which boldly tackles themes that have rarely been depicted in games before. This was about the artistic integrity of the game, and any form of censorship would be a sign of a lack of trust, and we believe wholeheartedly in Odd Meter’s ability to deliver an insane, unique, meaningful experience. We can hardly wait for INDICA to show it to the community and see how much they will love it.”

INDICA will be released next year for the console world.

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