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Individuals and philanthropists across Europe launch campaigns to help Turkey in the aftermath of the earthquake


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Individuals and groups in many European countries are mobilizing in support of Turkey after Monday’s devastating earthquake.

In Greece, PAME – one of the largest trade unions – has launched a nationwide campaign to collect relief items including blankets, powdered milk, nappies and other personal hygiene items.

The Turkish Muslim minority, which is concentrated in Greece’s western Thrace region, has mobilized relief efforts. Municipalities, religious authorities and other groups in the region are leading the donation drive.

In Italy, NGOs including Caritas Italiana, Amici dei Bambini (Children’s Friend) and Specchio d’Italia (Mirror of Italy) have launched donation campaigns for people affected by earthquakes.

In Bulgaria, the supreme religious authority of the country’s Turkish Muslim population has launched an earthquake relief campaign, news site Kirkale Haber reports.

In Romania, major news outlets for the Turkish Tatar minority, including Hayat and Gazete Balkan, are encouraging community members to coordinate aid efforts with the Turkish-Romanian Business Association.

In the UK, The Sun – a daily newspaper – launched a campaign called The Sun Earthquake Appeal to help with the disaster response in Turkey. Newspaper readers can choose to donate £5 by sending a text message, the publisher said, and all proceeds will be donated to the British Red Cross for a major mobilization on the ground. Donations will be transferred to approved institutions for search and rescue efforts and provision of shelter, food and heating conditions for the victims.

At least 4,544 people have been killed and more than 26,721 injured in 10 provinces of Turkey after two powerful earthquakes hit the southern parts of the country on Monday.

More than 8,000 people have been rescued from the rubble of thousands of destroyed buildings so far, while more than 24,000 individuals are still participating in search and rescue operations, according to the latest official figures.

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