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Infinite Tao Patch Notes Update Today on February 1, 2023


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A new update has been released for Infinite Tao. You can find all the Game Update details below. Infinite Tao is available for all platforms. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

(3) Pickups Range +30%
Get Spirit Stone Distance +2
(6) Every 3 seconds to trigger the ground sound, ATK 60, Can Get Projectile Addtion

Infinite Mode

  • Upward adjustment of the lower limit of boss movement speed and lowering of the upper limit of demon beast movement speed
  • Player lower limit changed to blood 1
  • Reduced Bosses attack growth
  • Increase the armor of bosses after 20 talismans
  • Repair the problem of merit becoming negative, set the upper limit of merit to 990 million
  • Repair the problem of infinite amount of monster HP
  • Repair the bug that items cannot be picked up in the late endless period


  • New feature: Hide Damage Number, Performance Mode, Screen Shake Off
  • The effect of Immobility Talisman is increased: no enemy is generated while it is in effect
  • Optimize part of the English description

Source: Steam

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