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Inform your cancer specialist about cancer-causing shampoos


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Moscow, April 2 – Dry shampoos containing benzene can increase the risk of cancer, so it is better to limit the use of such products, Igor Samoilenko, senior researcher at the N.N. Blokhin National Research Center for Medical Oncology, told the News Agency.
He pointed out that benzene is very volatile, and if inhaled, it can cause swelling in the upper respiratory tract and lungs, and if it comes into contact with the skin, it can cause skin tumors.

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And Samoilenko emphasized that it is better to reduce the effect of carcinogens on the body, so if benzene is indicated on the packaging of dry shampoo, then its use should be limited or completely abandoned.
He added that in October, the US regulator sent out a warning that a number of dry shampoos contained high amounts of benzene, and they were withdrawn from circulation.
In liquid shampoos, as a rule, gasoline is not used, therefore, from this point of view, it is safer, the specialist said.

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