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Innovative drug for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer


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Czech doctors have invented a drug to treat advanced prostate cancer and started using 3D printing in bone implants.

The website notes that the drug for prostate cancer is called Pluvicto. The European Commission approved its use a few days ago. This medicine in the form of a solution is used to treat advanced cancer and is intended for patients who have not been helped by other forms of treatment.

According to the website, Pluvicto was first administered to patients as part of a clinical trial at the Department of Nuclear Medicine at the University Hospital in Olomouc in the northeast of the Czech Republic. However, the site does not indicate when mass production of this drug will begin, which will be available to patients.

And Czech doctors for the first time in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe carried out the process of implanting artificial bones printed on a 3D printer. This is an ankle replacement surgery performed at the University Hospital in Brno.

Source: TASS

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