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Insights and Numbers: Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions Revealed


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Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions: Insights and Numbers

Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions: Insights and Numbers

Recent data leaked in the Microsoft-FTC case reveals interesting information about Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. Let’s break it down for you.

Membership Figures and Breakdown

As of April 2022, Xbox services had a total of 33.6 million subscribers. Among these, 21.9 million were Xbox Game Pass members, excluding PC users, while the remaining 11.7 million subscribed to Xbox Live Gold.

Console vs. PC Gaming

It is worth noting that almost all Xbox Game Pass subscribers primarily play on consoles, with approximately 3.1 million users enjoying the service on their PCs.

Revenue Insights

The average net revenue per subscriber is $9.26, indicating that most subscribers pay the full price for their Xbox Game Pass membership. However, some of us take advantage of promotions or Microsoft Rewards points from time to time. Overall, revenues have seen a significant increase of 14% in the last quarter reviewed and 12% year over year.

Xbox Live Gold vs. Xbox Game Pass Core

In terms of revenue generation, each Xbox Live Gold membership generated $6.10. However, Xbox Live Gold has now been discontinued in favor of Xbox Game Pass Core, which offers even more compelling features. This transition is expected to drive higher subscriber retention.

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