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Insights from a Female Doctor on the Causes of Adult Acne


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Doctor dermatovenereologist Irina Skorogodaeva revealed the causes of acne in adults.

The specialist points out that this condition is usually observed in adolescents, since their skin is in the growth phase and produces a lot of fat. But it can also be seen in adults.

She says: “The appearance of acne indicates an overproduction of sebum, that is, dandruff, and a change in its quality.”

According to her, fat causes pollution of the skin, which leads to hyperkeratosis, as the pores and hair follicles are filled with it, which means blackheads and permanent pimples appear, which are very annoying.

But why do adults get acne? According to the doctor, there are four main reasons for their appearance.

1- Hormones. This is the main reason. Because only androgens (hormones) affect the sebaceous glands. This happens under the influence of steroid hormones. And the sensitivity of hormonal receptors in some people in certain areas of the face and body is very high. More importantly, localized hyperandrogenism is a hereditary factor.

2 – stress. Emotions, hunger, and hard physical work are some of the causes of stress, which triggers the secretion of the hormone cortisol, which in turn stimulates or exacerbates acne.

3 – Cosmetics. Cosmetics, especially creams and powders containing artificial colors (especially red ones), can cause acne.

4 – Try to remove acne yourself. Yes, it is a big psychological problem. Experts believe that a person’s internal experiences can cause rashes and acne on the skin, indicating that the body is suffering from a problem. And constant attempts to get rid of acne on oneself indicate that a person is uncomfortable with his appearance and suffers from deep internal problems and conflicts. Therefore, when he presses on acne, he, of course, feels pain, but at the same time relieves psychological stress.

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