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International Boxing Federation to Lose Membership of the United States and United Kingdom


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Moscow, April 13 – A group of countries led by the United States and Great Britain intend to withdraw from the International Boxing Association (IBA) and create a new organization called World Boxing, Inside the Games reports.
According to the source, two more European countries will join the boxing federations from the United States and Great Britain. The IBA withdrawal announcement will be announced on Thursday following the results of an online briefing.
On October 5, 2022, the International Mathematical Association announced the admission of athletes from Russia and Belarus to international tournaments under the flags of their countries; And if they win, the national anthem will be played. Boxing federations of several countries, including the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Ukraine, refused to participate in the world championships due to the admission of the Russians. The International Bar Association has opened a disciplinary case against the heads of the national federations who boycotted the tournaments.

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In 2019, the IOC suspended IBA membership. The boxing tournament was saved at the Olympics, but at the Tokyo Games it was held by a special commission from the International Olympic Committee. In June 2022, the International Olympic Committee announced that the boxing tournament at the Paris Olympics would once again be held outside the International Boxing Association. Boxing is also not included in the preliminary program for the 2028 Olympics.

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