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International Olympic Committee’s Violation of Human Rights Through Mechanism for Russian Participation in Sporting Events


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Former American MMA fighter Jeff Monson, who received Russian citizenship, called the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee on the mechanism for accepting Russians a violation of human rights.

“To prevent athletes from participating in international competitions based on their political opinions or positions is a violation of human rights,” Monson said.

He continued: “In that case, should Ukrainians and athletes from America and NATO countries be banned from competing in support of Ukraine’s attack on Donetsk and Luhansk over the past nine years? This is Western hypocrisy.”

The Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) at its meeting on Tuesday recommended that Russians who do not support the military operation in Ukraine be allowed to compete as neutral athletes.

At the same time, the organization proposed not to allow athletes associated with the armed forces and security services to compete.

It was also decided that the national teams of Russia and Belarus would not be considered participants in international (team) competitions.

The International Olympic Committee has said that Russian athletes who will compete in a neutral position cannot be included in the medal table, and masses wearing Russian and Belarusian symbols will be prohibited from entering stadiums to attend any official events or arenas in which competitions take place. under the auspices of international federations.

52-year-old Jeff Monson was born in the United States of America and competed in this country in various martial arts and federations, including several fights under the UFC Mixed Martial Arts Federation.

During his professional career, Monson has 61 wins, 27 losses and two draws.

Source: RIA Novosti Agency

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