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International Sports Federation Provides Opportunities for Russians to Join Global Tournaments


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The International Taekwondo Federation has decided to allow Russian athletes to participate in international championships.

“A decision has been made to accept Russian and Belarusian athletes,” said Vadim Ivanov, coach of the Russian national team, after the meeting of the International Taekwondo Federation Council today, on Monday.

Ivanov explained that the first start for the Russians will be the World Cup tournament to be held in Azerbaijan, which will be held from May 29 to June 6, 2023.

On March 28, the International Olympic Committee recommended that Belarusians and Russians who do not support the special operation in Ukraine be allowed to compete on neutral territory.

In the meantime, athletes from Russia and Belarus associated with the armed forces or law enforcement agencies of their countries are advised to stop participating in tournaments.

It was also decided that the national teams of Russia and Belarus would not be considered participants in international (team) competitions.

The International Olympic Committee has stated that Russian athletes who will compete in a neutral position cannot be included in the medal table, and that fans with Russian and Belarusian symbols will be prohibited from entering stadiums to attend any official events or arenas where competitions are held under sponsored by international federations.

At the end of February 2022, most sports organizations disqualified the national teams of Russia and Belarus on the recommendation of the International Olympic Committee. The decision on the participation of representatives of these countries in the 2024 Olympic Games has not been made.

Source: Russian agency TASS.

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