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Interpol Suspension: Kolokoltsev Accuses West of Plotting Against Russia


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Moscow, May 23 – Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev said that a number of Western countries are trying to limit Russia’s ability to use Interpol channels to search for criminals and even suspend its membership in the organization, agency spokeswoman Irina Volk told reporters.
According to her, Kolokoltsev made a similar statement in Riyadh during a meeting with Saudi Interior Minister Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Nayef Al Saud.
“Vladimir Kolokoltsev drew attention to the attempts of a number of Western countries to limit Russia’s ability to use Interpol channels to search for criminals or even suspend the Russian Federation’s membership in this organization. According to the minister, such measures confirm the desire of some participants to change the Interpol charter in order to practice Political pressure on any rejected government.

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Kolokoltsev noted that in this context, Article 3 of the organization’s charter is of particular importance, which categorically prohibits it in any way from interfering in the internal affairs of the participating countries or carrying out political activities, explained Volk.
Kolokoltsev said that Western intelligence services, at the expense of the Ukrainian people, are already conducting special operations for the illegal supply of weapons, including portable anti-aircraft and anti-tank missile systems, which can appear in any region of the world, and in the areas of interest of Saudi Arabia as well.
“Being under external control, Ukraine has become an important part of the Balkan route for the delivery of Afghan opiates to Europe. The position of Saudi Arabia on the legal regulation of drug trafficking in general coincides with that of Russia. Need to increase coordinated efforts to combat extremism and smuggling drugs.”
And Interpol announced in March 2022, amid calls for Russia’s expulsion from the organization, that it would change the procedures for accepting applications from Moscow, while leaving communication channels open. The statement indicated that the Russian Federation will not be able to send requests directly to other countries, but this must be done through the General Secretariat to verify compliance with Interpol rules.

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