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Investigation Launched into Stolen African Player of the Year Award from Mohamed Salah’s Villa


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Maher Shetai, the mayor of the Egyptian village of Nagrig, where player Mohamed Salah was born, denied RT the circulating news of the theft of the Africa’s best player award, pointing out that the news about the stolen items and their sizes was untrue. .

Stei added: “I found out from the newspapers and the media about the theft myself, like others, and contacted Haj Salah, the father of the player Mohamed Salah, and he told me that there really was a theft, which we learned about from two friends of Mohamed Salah in that same area where the villa is located.

And the mayor of Nagriga noted that “everyone who talks about stolen goods knows nothing, because the only person who knows the contents of his residence is the player Mohamed Salah himself or his wife, but some wanted to fabricate facts aimed at ride the trend. .”

He added: “Fortunately, the villa is located in a residential complex where there are cameras, and therefore the police will inevitably get to the criminal, and at that time the nature and size of the stolen items will become known.”

Source: RT

Nasser Hatem – Cairo

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