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There Are Rumours That New Colours of iPhone 14 Cases will be Released Soon


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The color options for Apple Watch bands and iPhone cases are frequently updated seasonally. This pattern will continue this spring.

iPhone 14 Cases Rumored to Launch in New Colors Soon_

According to the Twitter account Majin Bu, Apple will release its Leather Cover for the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max in two more colors as part of a forthcoming spring collection. Deep Violet and Golden Brown, which Apple has previously provided, would be the new colors. The case is now available in Umber, Forest Green, Ink, Midnight, and Orange.

The iPhone 12 series of Leather Covers came in the hue Deep Violet as an option. In contrast, Golden Brown is still an option for the iPhone 13 line of Leather Covers. Apple also provided Golden Brown versions of the AirTag Leather Key Ring and iPhone Leather Wallet.

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This rumor is credible because Apple has repurposed the colors of iPhone cases. For instance, Forest Green, formerly available for the iPhone 11 Leather Case, is one of the current color options for the iPhone 14 Leather Case. Although their track record may be better, Majin Bu has accurately revealed various iPhone case colors in the past.

iPhone 14 Cases Rumored to Launch in New Colors S oon_

Apple added additional color options for the spring for iPhone covers. Last year, Apple released new color options for Apple Watch bands on Tuesday, March 8; assuming the company follows the same pattern this year, new color possibilities may be revealed as soon as this week.

Together with the new bands and cases, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus may also be revealed in a speculated Yellow variant.

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