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Iran set to substantially boost production levels


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Iranian Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Security Syed Salt Mortazavi said the ministry intends to achieve a 20-25 percent increase in production this year.

Referring to the plans of the Ministry of Labor to achieve the slogan of the year “contain inflation, increase production” and create jobs, Mortazavi said: “The ministry’s program for 2023 is designed to transform various areas, including manufacturing.”

“This year we intend to increase production first and foremost, and it is envisaged to increase production by at least 20-25 percent, maximum, so that we can develop appropriate designs to reduce costs and increase revenue,” the minister added, IRNA reported. agency on Sunday.

“We will put our sabotage program on public display so that the media can use it,” he continued.

Source: IRNA agency.

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