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Iran to Back Security Measures of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Claims Political Analyst


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Moscow, July 2 – Iran is likely to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, because this country is an important component of security in the region, Bogdan Bezbalko, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations headed by the President of the Russian Federation, told the News Agency.
Earlier, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs announced that the 23rd Summit of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will be held virtually on July 4. Special Representative of the President of Russia of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Bakhtior Khakimov, said that accepting Iran as a full member of the SCO will be a major decision at the SCO summit in New Delhi.
The chances of Iran joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are very great… Iran is a strategically important ally. It is a country with which it is possible to advance and gain a foothold in the Middle East, to prevent the influence of hostile forces. in the Caucasus and Central Asia,” Bezbalko said.

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The expert pointed out that “Iran is fighting those organizations that everyone has now recognized as terrorist, and which were formed after the defeat of Iraq and after the Americans actually invaded Syria.”
Bezbalko stressed that Iran is one of the most powerful powers in the Middle East, through which “it is possible to influence almost all the countries of the Persian Gulf.”
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is an international organization established in 2001. The members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are Russia, India, China, Pakistan and four countries in Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In September 2022, the procedures for joining the Iran Organization began.

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