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Iranian Foreign Minister Calls for Oil Embargo on Zionist Regime: Latest News on Gaza Strip Genocide


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Iranian Foreign Minister Calls for Oil Embargo Against Israel

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, has urged Islamic countries to impose an oil embargo against Israel. He also called for the expulsion of Israeli ambassadors from countries that maintain relations with Israel.

Abdollahian emphasized the need for action against the ongoing genocide in the Gaza Strip, calling on Arab and Islamic nations to take practical steps. In addition, he demanded the formation of a group of Islamic human rights lawyers to document the crimes committed against the Palestinian people.

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The Iranian Foreign Minister’s statements came in response to an Israeli rocket attack on Al-Maamdani hospital in the Gaza Strip, resulting in numerous casualties.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry also condemned the missile strike, describing it as a crime and an act of dehumanization.

The escalating tensions in the Middle East and concerns over crude oil supply have led to a significant rise in oil prices. As of 12:40 Moscow time, American West Texas Intermediate oil futures increased by 3.5% to $89.69 per barrel. Similarly, global Brent oil futures rose by 3.26% to $92.83 per barrel.

Source: RT+Bloomberg

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