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Iranian President reports 4-5 fold increase in economic exchange with Arab countries


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Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said that economic exchanges with Arab countries have increased 4-5 times.

In a press statement he made on Friday evening at the end of his visit to the province of Khuzestan in southwest Iran, Raisi deemed it necessary to revive the tourism and agricultural economy in Khuzestan and continued: “Economic exchanges with Arab countries have increased from four to five.” times, and Khuzestan has the necessary opportunities for the development of trade.” foreign relations with the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf.

He said: The Shalamche-Basra railway line is a long-standing desire of the people of Khuzestan and Iraq, which provides a basis for facilitating business, and this line will be completed.

Raisi explained that important projects were launched during this visit.

Source: Erna

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