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Iraq coach ahead of Gulf 25 semi-final: ‘We are ready to face Qatar’


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Iraq coach Jesús Casas said today Sunday that he has prepared his team to face Qatar in the semi-finals of the Gulf 25 football tournament tomorrow, Monday.

During the pre-match press conference, he emphasized that “my goal with the players is to show a good level in the next match against Qatar and our goal is to reach the final match of the Zain Gulf 25 competition and to please the Iraqi fans who want and want support the Lions of Mesopotamia.”

He added: “I call on the Iraqi fans to support the players, especially at critical moments in the match when additional support is needed.”

He noted that “in every match, performance drops significantly, and the support of society is needed here.”

And the Spanish coach stated that “the Qatar national team is one of the outstanding and young teams that can achieve positive results, as it has outstanding elements, and that more than half of the team was on the list of the Qatar team participating in the last World Cup, so we prepared for fight against an opponent and it will be another difficult match.”

Source: RT

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