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Iraq. The Ministry of Electricity signs a memorandum of understanding with the German company Siemens.


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On Friday, Iraqi Energy Minister Ziyad Ali Fadel signed a memorandum of understanding with the German company Siemens.

The Prime Minister’s press office said in a statement: “The Ministry of Electricity signed a joint memorandum of understanding with Siemens at a ceremony held in the German capital Berlin as part of Prime Minister Mohamed’s official visit. Shia al-Sudani to the German capital Berlin, where he arrived on Thursday.”

The statement added that Energy Minister Ziyad Ali Fadel signed the memorandum from the Iraqi side, and it was signed by Siemens CEO Christian Bruch.

He pointed out that the memorandum of understanding includes a number of main points that make up the working map for the development of the Iraqi electricity system.

The statement goes on to say that, in light of the memorandum, Siemens is working in coordination with the Ministry of Electricity to develop a comprehensive plan for the power system as a whole that includes solutions to problems, and the company is also building new generation stations. .

He stated that the MoU included the presentation by Siemens of a comprehensive study to Iraq, including how to capitalize on associated gas, to support and increase electricity generation, and also included the signing of a long-term agreement. , to maintain and rehabilitate existing units in Iraq built by Siemens, as well as to implement renewable energy projects, namely solar energy and wind propulsion, and to establish transmission stations in all regions of Iraq, in addition to developing and upgrading the personnel of the Ministry of Electricity and transfer of experience.

The Energy Department confirmed that a memorandum of understanding signed today with the German company Siemens will add 6,000 megawatts to the national system.

She added that the work on the memorandum would solve transmission and distribution problems in the system and would promote the creation of transformer substations and transmission lines, noting that adding 6,000 megawatts and solving transmission and distribution problems would solve most and strategic part of the problems. bottlenecks in the national power system, which will have a positive impact and allow for an increase in processing time after completion.

Source: Iraqi News Agency.

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