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Iraq turns Saddam Hussein’s yacht into a marine research center


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A luxury yacht once owned by ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein has been repurposed as a marine science research center in Basra.

The yacht, called “Kadisiye” at the time, was built in Denmark in 1980 but was not used by the ousted leader.

Because of the Iran-Iraq War and the Gulf War, it could not be brought to Iraq and was later given by Saddam to the King of Saudi Arabia, Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

In 2010, the yacht, now known as the “Basra Breeze”, was brought to Basra by the Minister of Transport at the time, Amir Abd al-Sabar, who stated that it belonged to the state and had been built for private purposes by Saddam. .

The yacht, with 18 rooms and 4 decks, including a barbershop, dry cleaners and first aid room, was later used on an expedition to the sea as part of a project developed by Iraqi and German scientists in 2015.

Today, the yacht is moored on the Shatt al-Arab, where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers meet, and serves as a scientific research center for the Institute of Marine Sciences at Basra University.

The yacht is also open to local and foreign tourists, and has recently attracted the interest of Gulf nationals visiting Basra for the 25th Gulf Cup.

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