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Iraqi Ministry of Oil: Achieving more than $115 billion in revenue from crude oil exports by 2022


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Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Energy and Oil Minister Hayan Abdul-Ghani has announced that crude oil exports in 2022 will be over (115) billion dollars.

According to the Minister of Oil, the total revenues received from the export of crude oil for the past 2022, according to preliminary statistics, amounted to more than 115 billion dollars, and the volume of exports of crude oil amounted to more than 1 billion dollars. 209 million barrels, and the final result of the daily oil export rate was approximately 3 million 320 thousand barrels per day.

The Minister of Petroleum indicated that export operations were carried out in accordance with oil market research for companies of various nationalities, including (Chinese, Indian, South Korean, Turkish, Greek, American, British, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Dutch) and others, as well as other Arab companies.

For these achievements, the minister praised the efforts of employees of the Ministry of Oil and its units, which provided the federal budget with more than (115) billion dollars in cash.

Source: RT

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