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Iraqi Oil Imports Suspended in Jordan Since April Beginning


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Imports of barrels of oil from Iraq have ceased since the beginning of this month, after the expiration of a memorandum of understanding that provides Jordan with crude oil, despite the approval of the Iraqi Council of Ministers for its extension.

Director of a company supplying Iraqi oil to Jordan, Nael Tiabat, said the company had stopped importing oil before the signing of a memorandum by the governments of the two countries, indicating that the delay could be from the Iraqi side.

He pointed out that the new memorandum would allow 10,000 barrels per day to be imported, indicating that 310,000 barrels of oil were imported in March 2023.

Iraq agreed to extend a memorandum of understanding that provides Jordan with crude oil for a period of one year, after the Iraqi Council of Ministers approved a recommendation from the Council of Energy Ministers on Tuesday.

Jordan is importing Iraqi crude oil under a Memorandum of Understanding on Crude Oil Refining signed between the governments of Jordan and Iraq effective from early September 2021.

Source: Kingdom Channel + Ammon

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