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Islands of Insight: Open Playtest Launched for Highly-Anticipated Puzzle Game on Steam


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Publisher Behaviour Interactive and Developer Lunarch Studios Launch Islands of Insight Open Playtest

The highly-anticipated puzzle game, Islands of Insight, has launched its Open Playtest on Steam, developed by Lunarch Studios and published by Behaviour Interactive. Players can now immerse themselves in the captivating and mysterious open world of Islands of Insight, with the playtest running until September 21 at 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET.

In this unique puzzle experience, players are encouraged to explore sprawling landscapes to uncover a wide array of cleverly placed puzzles. The game has been painstakingly designed to provide challenging and satisfying quests, encouraging players to progress in the campaign and unlock new areas at their own pace.

This playtest also offers an opportunity for players to contribute to the development of Islands of Insight. Behaviour Interactive is actively seeking feedback, allowing players to provide valuable insights and suggestions to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

A Truly Innovative Puzzle Adventure

Carla Rylance, Behaviour Interactive’s head of external production, expressed her excitement for the project, stating, “We’re focused on creating an experience that brings something new and different to the puzzle genre. Islands of Insight offers an expansive world, intricate game mechanics, and an array of puzzles that players can relish in solving. With this initial playtest, we are thrilled to put the game into the hands of players for the first time and gain their valuable feedback as we continue to develop this truly unique puzzle adventure.”

The puzzles in Islands of Insight have been thoughtfully crafted to provide a relaxing yet challenging experience. From newcomers to seasoned puzzle enthusiasts, the game offers a variety of difficulty levels, ensuring an engaging gameplay experience for all.

Coming Soon to PC (Steam)

Islands of Insight is currently in development for PC, specifically the Steam platform. Players can look forward to exploring this captivating puzzle adventure on their computers, offering a highly visual and immersive experience.

Watch the Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Check out the gameplay reveal trailer below to get a glimpse of the captivating world and intricate puzzles that await in Islands of Insight.

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