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Israel Protests: Tens of Thousands March in Tel Aviv Against Government’s Judicial Reform


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Tel Aviv Protests Continue Amid Government Crisis

In Israel, nationwide protests are ongoing due to a government-promoted judicial reform crisis. Tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered for the 34th anti-government rally in Tel Aviv, according to a the News Agency correspondent. The protest organizers announced that protests would be held in 150 locations across Israel, including major cities. The main protest in Tel Aviv saw an estimated 100,000 participants, with previous demonstrations attracting up to 200,000 people.

Protesters Blame Government for Increase in Terrorism and Crime

During the Tel Aviv rally, the protest organizers blamed the government of Benjamin Netanyahu for the rise in unchecked terrorist attacks against Israelis and the sharp increase in crime and killings in the Arab sector of Israel. The Knesset, the country’s parliament, is currently in recess, causing the issue of new judicial legislation to fade into the background. The government also faces criticism for its economic policies and the high cost of living in the country.

Mayor of Tira Speaks at Protest Vigil

Mamoun Abd al-Khai, the mayor of the Arab city of Tira, was the main speaker at the protest vigil. The invitation was extended following the recent assassination of the city’s director general, Abd al-Rahman Qashwa. The mayor addressed the crowd of protesters, highlighting the government’s neglect of the Arab community and expressing dissatisfaction with the current administration.

High Crime Rate in Arab Sector Sparks Outrage

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The Arab sector in Israel has experienced a significant increase in crime this year. Since the beginning of the year, 159 people have been killed in the Arab community, compared to 111 murders recorded in all of 2022. These alarming statistics have contributed to the growing frustration among protesters.

Protesters Vow to Preserve Israel as a Free and Democratic State

The protest area in Tel Aviv, located near government buildings, was closed to traffic for the demonstration. Kaplan Street and nearby roads were filled with demonstrators who chanted anti-government slogans and waved national flags. Protest organizers pledged to continue their fight to preserve Israel as a free and democratic state.

Judicial Reform Sparks Renewed Protests

The mass protests in Israel against judicial reform have gained renewed momentum since Parliament approved a controversial bill in July. The bill abolishes the “reasonable standard” in the judiciary system, preventing courts from challenging executive decisions deemed “unreasonable.” Supporters argue that this change allows democratically elected officials to pursue policies that benefit the majority. However, opponents fear it will hinder the Supreme Court’s ability to intervene in arbitrary or corrupt decisions made by elected officials.

Supreme Court to Review Petitions Against Approved Law

The Israeli parliament, the Knesset, is currently on recess until the fall session begins in October. In September, the Supreme Court will review petitions filed against the approved law, further fueling the ongoing protests.

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