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Israeli Air Strike on Gaza Hospital Kills Over 500, Cancelling Summit with Biden


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Summit Canceled After Israeli Air Strike on Gaza Hospital

A scheduled summit between the leaders of Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, and the United States was canceled due to an inhumane Israeli air strike on a hospital in Gaza. The strike resulted in the death of over 500 people.

Jordan Takes Action

Jordan, which was supposed to host the summit in Amman, decided to cancel the event. The summit was meant to address the situation in Gaza and involve US President Joe Biden, as well as the leaders of Egypt and Palestine.

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Immediate Consequences

Following the hospital attack, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas immediately canceled his meeting with President Biden. The bombing was widely condemned by international leaders.

Upcoming Meetings

President Biden is still expected to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv. However, the cancellation of the summit raises concerns about Biden’s failure to meet with Abbas or any Palestinian official on their soil. This could undermine his goals of calming tensions in the region and providing humanitarian aid to Gaza.

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