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Israeli Gas Export Deal to Egypt: Boosting Revenue and Strengthening Energy Relations


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Israeli Gas Export Deal with Egypt Promises Billions in Revenue

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Recent reports from Israeli media provide new details about a deal to export Israeli gas to Egypt, which has been announced by the Israeli government. This deal is expected to yield billions of dollars in revenue for Israel annually.

Increased Natural Gas Production

The Israeli Ministry of Energy has disclosed plans to boost the production of natural gas from the gas field reservoir. By increasing the volume of natural gas extracted, Israel aims to meet the anticipated supply and demand until 2048. As part of this plan, the ministry has also approved the export of additional volumes of natural gas to Egypt.

Revenue and Expansion

According to Israeli TV channel 14, the projected exports to Egypt will contribute significantly to Israel’s revenue, generating billions of dollars annually. To support this expansion, the Israeli Ministry of Energy has announced the advancement of a plan to increase natural gas production from the Tamar gas field by approximately 6 billion cubic meters per year starting in 2026. This represents a substantial increase of about 60% compared to the current production capacity of the field.

Guaranteed Gas Supplies

Energy Minister Katz has recommended this increase to ensure a steady supply of gas to the Israeli economy until at least 2048. To achieve this, the expansion will involve the construction of a third transmission line and an upgrade of the production system. The modernization efforts will facilitate the export process and attract investments, ultimately resulting in billions of dollars in revenue.

Export Agreement with Egypt

The program has also received approval for exporting a total volume of 38.7 billion cubic meters of gas to Egypt over a period of around 11 years. This export agreement aligns with the decisions of the Israeli government (4442, 442, 476) and has been made in consultation with the director of the Natural Gas Authority. Additionally, there is a possibility of increasing the approved export volume by approximately 0.5 billion cubic meters.

Benefits and Regional Relations

Aside from enabling investments in production expansion, these exports are expected to strengthen Israel’s energy relations with Egypt and other countries in the region. This, in turn, will enhance Israel’s political and geopolitical position.


Information sourced from Israeli TV.

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