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Israeli President Calls for Halt to Judicial Reform Adoption


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Moscow, March 27 – The Jerusalem Post reported that Israeli President Isaac Herzog called on the government to immediately stop embracing judicial reform.
“For the unity of the people of Israel and for the sake of responsibility, I call on you to stop the legislative process immediately,” the newspaper quoted the president as saying.
On Sunday, according to media reports, thousands of Israelis breached a police roadblock near Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem after he sacked Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. The day before, Gallant, in a televised address to the nation, had called for judicial reform to be suspended due to security concerns.

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After that, the Consul General of Israel in New York, Assaf Zamir, decided to leave his post, stating that the ongoing judicial reform “undermines” the foundations of the democratic system in the country.
Various groups of IDF reservists have repeatedly written open letters to the government calling for a halt to judicial reform and protesting refusals to serve in the reserves, among them elite units and Air Force pilots.
The set of laws proposed by the Netanyahu government would significantly limit the powers of the Supreme Court, in addition to giving the authorities control over the appointment of judges. At the same time, the Prime Minister expressed his willingness to conduct a dialogue with the opposition on reform.

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