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It has no scientific basis. Egyptian geologist reveals ways Dutch explorer bases his earthquake predictions


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Abbas Sharaki, professor of geology at Cairo University, commented on the warnings of the Dutch researcher Frank Hogrebitz, which caused controversy regarding his recent earthquake predictions.

Sharkey explained during television statements on Tuesday that up to this point there is no scientific way to predict the occurrence of earthquakes, noting that a Dutch researcher had previously warned about earthquakes on February 18 or 20, and nothing happened, indicating that it was about the fact that in There will be earthquakes in Turkey or the Pacific during March, this is normal and self-evident, and is not new due to the nature of these regions.

The professor of geology at Cairo University added that there have been 65,000 earthquakes globally over the past year, pointing out that the Dutch researcher bases his expectations on the forces of attraction between the sun, moon and planets with the earth, such as the state of the tides, in addition to the connection of these forces of attraction with the mountain mass of the Earth.

Dr. Abbas Sharaki, professor of geology at Cairo University, pointed out that the Dutch researcher does not have any scientific evidence or scientific justification for the occurrence of earthquakes, explaining that the speech of the Dutch researcher Frank is very complex, because it means that an earthquake occurs with every tidal movement, emphasizing that this subtraction is unscientific but can lead to the crash that actually happens.

Source: Cairo 24

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